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Driving Safety: No Text Messaging While Driving

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As some our readers know, I have a separate firm website with a personal injury blog. For the last year or more, the number one way that people find my site and my blog is conducting a google search about text messaging while driving — hundreds of people per week.

That tells me that people are interested in it, which I think means people are doing it. Well…DON’T. When you are talking about driving safety, there are few things as dangerous as text messaging while driving. I can tell you stories that I hear, but really, this is one of those instances where the numbers may speak for themselves.

In the last couple of years, some studies have concluded that people text messaging while driving are 6 times more likely to get in a car wreck than someone paying attention and that texting while driving is fifty percent more dangerous than talking on a cell phone and driving. If you think that’s bad, a study from Europe came out last September that found text messaging while driving to be more dangerous than driving drunk and more dangerous than driving after smoking marijuana.

I know it may be asking a lot, but use a little common sense while you’re out there to keep all of us safe.