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Five Most Dangerous Intersections In Austin

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Earlier this week, the Austin Police Department released a list of the five Austin intersections with the most car wrecks in 2007. The intersections are:
(1) East Riverside Drive at Pleasant Valley (29 car wrecks);
(2) North Lamar Blvd. and W. Koenig Lane (27 car wrecks, but also most convenient place for wrecks as it’s populated with auto repair shops and dealerships);
(3) West Parmer Lane and N. Lamar Blvd (26 car wrecks);
(4) the access road from South Mopac entering South Loop 360 (25 car wrecks); and
(5) Lakeline Blvd. and 183 (24 car wrecks).

With the release of this data, you will probably see personal injury lawyers lined up there all weekend. JUST KIDDING!!!!