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Learn From Sergio Kindle — Don't Text And Drive

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Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge University of Texas fan. That’s why I was so dismayed tonight to see that Texas star linebacker/defensive end Sergio Kindle suffered a concussion when he drove his car into an apartment building, likely a result of texting while driving. I won’t beat a dead horse about how bad of an idea this is because I just had a lengthy post about it yesterday. If you want to know about the dangers, go read that text messaging while driving post.

There are also a number of other posts on this issue that provide more information:

1 Comment

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  1. Steve Lombardi says:
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    I believe over the course of this summer texting while driving will become a huge issue for state legislature across the country. As insurance companies see losses mounting as the number of texting wrecks climb they will join us in warning about this growing concern.