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Street Racing Leads To Car Wrecks

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This week, the Austin American Statesman posted an article that discussed the increase in car wrecks due to street racing. The problem of street racing really came into focus nationwide in February when 8 observers were kill in Maryland when a drag racing car wreck spilled over into the crowd.

But street racing isn’t just a problem in Maryland. It’s also a big issue in Texas. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration did a study of street racing related deaths from 2001 to 2006. Unfortunately, Texas had the second most number of street racing related wrongful deaths in the country during that period.

It’s not as if law enforcement officials are ignoring the problem. In 2004, the Texas legislature tried to address these car wrecks and made it a felony to race on Texas highway. But enforcement of the rule is hard. Officials note that even in organized races, the parties can appear and disperse within a matter of minutes.