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Using an Accident Reconstruction Expert In A Car Wreck Case

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California personal injury attorney John Bisnar has an interesting post about the importance of hiring an accident reconstruction expert when the accident reports are not filled out properly. Like John, and probably most personal injury lawyers, I’ve found accident reconstruction experts helpful in combatting report errors. But accident reconstruction experts are also helpful in other contexts.

But accident reconstruction experts can also be helpful in cases where there are no disputes about liability. For example, having your expert prepare an animation, even in an agreed liability case, can be important in getting the jury to understand the wreck and award the damages necessary to make the client whole. A reconstruction expert may also be important when the other driver’s vehicle is equipped with a black box. Even without a dispute about liability, the black box may lead to egregious evidence (the speed of the other vehicle or the fact that brakes were never applied) that can significantly enhance the value of the case.

So I urge you to think outside the box when considering what types of experts are necessary in your car wreck cases.