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Mikal C. Watts

Defective Tire Recalls in 2012

As we close out 2012 and begin traveling to celebrate the start of 2013, roadway safety should be our number one concern. Four major tire recalls of the past year have taught us to…

Mikal C. Watts

Contaminated Rubber Causes Tire Recalls across Several Brands

Tire manufactures nationwide have been recalling tires due to potentially contaminated rubber. Cooper Tires and its subsidiaries have recalled eight different tire lines, including other…

Stacey Burke

Evenflo Big Kid Factory Select Booster Seats Recalled

Evenflo, the car seat manufacturer, has recalled 151 Big Kid Factory Select booster seats due to the seats in question being intended only for display purposes, lacking the necessary safety…

Chrissie Cole

Gund Recalls Baby Books

A choking hazard has prompted the voluntary recall of more than 15,000 Gund Baby Paperboard Books in the U.S. and Canada.
To date, there have been three reports of the book filling detaching and…

Brooks Schuelke

Will Retailers Push Toys With Lead Paint This Holiday Season?

I’ve been critical of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but I wanted to give them credit for implementing a new regulation requiring manufacturers and retailers to stop selling inventory that…

Brooks Schuelke

Hallelujah! Packaging to Improve

It’s a Christmas or birthday ritual. Your child opens a gift, sees the toy he or she has been waiting for, and then a parent spends the next hour (or two) trying to extract the toy from the…

Brooks Schuelke

Two New Studies Regarding Products Liability Claims Are Released Today

There were two new studies released today, each discussing the need for the civil justice system to address defective products. First, Professor Andrew Popper from the American University,…

Brooks Schuelke

What Does Obama's Election Mean For Preemption?

We’ve spent the last month talking about preemption and earlier this week the Supreme Court heard the critical case of Wyeth v Levine, but was it all for nought? Is it possible that an Obama…

Brooks Schuelke

The FDA Is Criticized For Its Stance On BPA

Those watching the news have surely heard about the BPA controversy. BPA is a common product used in plastics, including hard plastic water bottles, baby bottles and the linings of soda cans. It has…

Brooks Schuelke

Halloween Candy Recalled — Be On The Lookout For Chocolate Pirate Coins

The problems with Chinese products may come to the public’s attention this year as more and more Chinese Halloween candy is recalled. Yesterday I received a belated notice that Sherwood brand…