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Ryan Thompson

Byetta, Januvia and Victoza: More Diabetes Drugs Causing Cancer

Diabetes patients may soon be feeling like there is no safe drug alternative to manage their insulin and blood sugar. Two popular drugs, Avandia and Actos have been linked to an increased…

Mikal C. Watts

Pradaxa: Contraindicated for Mechanical Heart Valves

Last Wednesday, the FDA issued yet another safety alert regarding Pradaxa. This one warned healthcare providers that patients with mechanical heart valves should not take the blood thinner….

Stacey Burke

Pradaxa MDL Litigation Update

Both lawyers and their clients should stay aware of the many Case Management Orders coming out of Chief Judge Herndon's court in the Southern District of Illinois. If you or someone you know…

Mikal C. Watts

Pradaxa MDL 2385 Transferred to Judge Herndon in the Southern District of Illinois

A few days ago, we posted about the pending consolidation of Pradaxa lawsuits across the country. Just today, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation issued its Transfer Order, and…

Ryan Thompson

Pradaxa MDL 2385: Consolidation Imminent

What is an MDL?

The term MDL is an acronym for multidistrict litigation. While multidistrict litigation may appear to function in some ways like a class action, it is in fact very…

Mark Perlmutter

Pregnant (Or Think You Might Be)?: Beware Birth Defects Caused By Psychotropic Drugs (Lamictal, Paxil, Zoloft & Prozac)

The same medication helping you could be hurting your baby, as recent studies of psychotropic drug use show. The drugs Lamictal, Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac have now all been linked to birth defects…

Brooks Schuelke

Chalk One Up For The Good Guys; US Supreme Court Rejects Preemption

I spent a good part of last October writing about federal preemption of state tort claims, including talking about the case of Wyeth v Levine. In that case, Wyeth was asking the U.S. Supreme Court…

Brooks Schuelke

Is The FDA Even Opposed To Complete Immunity Preemption?

Regular readers know that we’ve been looking at complete immunity preemption issues this month. In looking at these preemption issues, we’ve already seen how doctors are opposed to FDA preemption of…

Brooks Schuelke

Even Doctors Are Against Complete Immunity Preemption

With the Wyeth v. Levine case slated to be argued soon, preemption continues to stay in the news, and one of the biggest stories came out earlier this week when the Journal of the American Medical…

Brooks Schuelke

The Other Side of Preemption

Those of us at Injuryboard have been doing a series on the dangers of complete immunity preemption, and we’ve been talking about the dangers of preemption. In order to be fair, I wanted to highlight…