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Brooks Schuelke

Washington, DC Train/Rail Disaster Kills At Least Seven & Injures More. What Does It Mean For Austin?

Yesterday, Washington, DC suffered a horrific train/rail crash when one Metro train slammed into the back of another. The crash killed at least seven people and injured more than seventy others.

Brooks Schuelke

Will Capital Metro's MetroRail Ever Be Safe?

It was supposed to open last November. Then the opening was moved to March 30. And as that date approached, the opening was delayed indefinitely so that we now don’t have an official opening date…

Brooks Schuelke

What A Train Wreck! Literally — New Rail Safety Features Malfunction

As Austin’s Metrorail starts operation next month, many are concerned with the prospects of a new danger for Austin’s drivers. A safety demonstration last week didn’t do anything to ease our fears…

Brooks Schuelke

Should Austin Be Worried About Passenger Train Wrecks, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post asking Should Austin Be Concerned About Los Angeles Train Wrecks? where I questioned whether wrecks similar to the LA commuter rail wrecks could occur here when…

Brooks Schuelke

Should Austin Be Concerned About Los Angeles Train Wrecks?

By now, everyone has heard about the Los Angeles train wreck last Friday that killed several passengers. Unfortunately, there was another train wreck in LA today. In today’s wreck, a Metro train…