Austin, Texas


Mikal C. Watts

Texas Prompt Pay Act: Doctors and Lawyers Versus Insurance Companies

In a showing of unity between two historically acrimonious professions, doctors and lawyers are working together to reshape tort law and continue to force insurance companies to promptly…

Frank Guerra

Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas Litigation

Named for a town in Texas, the Eagle Ford Shale is a hydrocarbon producing formation that is receiving significant attention due to its oil and gas production. Producing more oil and gas…

Brooks Schuelke

Let’s Avoid Any More Boat Accidents On Lake Austin

My wife and kids went out on Lake Austin last Thursday with some family members. When I asked my wife how it went, she told me it was crowded. With Lake Travis being so low that it is almost…

Brooks Schuelke

Kids Drowning

Water, Water, Everywhere
A day at the pool, a swim at the beach, a soak in the tub: these are all relaxing thoughts. However, these things all have one thing in common; they can be deadly for…

Brooks Schuelke

Why Are Unprotected Pool Drains Still Threatening Our Children?

Why Are Unprotected Pool Drains Still Threatening Our Children?
Swimming pools across the country continue to house a silent killer, illegal pool drains. Since 1990, the U.S. Consumer Product…

Brooks Schuelke

What Do You Mean Medicare Is Holding Up My Car Wreck Settlement?

All too often, I have to tell a client, yes, your case has settled, but don’t expect the money for several months. Why? Because of Medicare.
Medicare has a subrogation interest, meaning that…

Brooks Schuelke

More Tort Reform Heroes

Yesterday I wrote about the exploits of Dr. Robert Zaleksi, one of the faces of the famous West Virginia doctor strike. But Dr. Zaleski is not alone in his hypocrisy. A lot of the hyprocisy was…

Brooks Schuelke

Tort Reform Heroes: Dr. Robert Zaleski

One of my favorite books is Stephanie Mencimer’s Blocking the Courthouse Door — How the Republican Party and Its Corporate Allies Are Taking Away Your Right To Sue. It’s not one of my favorites…

Brooks Schuelke

The NYT Slams Insurance Company "Independent" Medical Exams

An increasing issue in personal injury litigation is insurance companies’ use of hired guns to give opinions that our clients aren’t hurt. Sometimes the hired guns simply review the medical records…

Brooks Schuelke

New Methods For Jurors To Avoid Judges' Instructions

While I was in law school, I received a call from my mom, and she started asking me about the elements of a criminal assault case in Texas. I don’t know about all of you, but this was not the…