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Brooks Schuelke

ROT Motorcycle Rally Is This Weekend; Let's Avoid The Motorcycle Accidents

I’m almost recycling a post from last year, but this weekend is the Republic of Texas Rally in Austin. The rally will bring over 50,000 bikers to town. There might be even more this year with Robbie…

Brooks Schuelke

Will the Texas Legislature Really Approve Lane Splitting?

Before reading this blog post, watch a portion of the video below (don’t watch the entire thing or you’ll get motion sickness).

Did you watch it? If you did, thanks for listening. If you…

Brooks Schuelke

Austin Motorcycle Deaths Double

This morning’s Austin American Statesman reported that the number of deaths in Austin motorcycle crashes more than doubled. From the article:

The deaths have become part of an alarming reality in…

Brooks Schuelke

ROT Motorcycle Rally: But Can Austin Avoid the Wrecks?

This weekend is the annual Republic of Texas Biker Rally, and Austin will host over 50,000 motorcyclists. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of the rally, it seems like there are more and more…