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More On Work Zone Safety

I missed the boat. Yesterday, I wrote about the horrific tractor trailer crash near Gainesville, Texas. The wreck, which killed a Bedford, Texas couple and a Louisiana man, occurred near a work zone…

Brooks Schuelke

Lessons From A Tractor-Trailer Crash — Be Careful In Construction Zones

Yesterday, a horrific tractor-trailer wreck occurred in North Texas when an eighteen wheeler slammed into the back of traffic stopped on Interstate 35 near the Texas-Oklahoma border. Tragically,…

Brooks Schuelke

When is a company liable for a wreck caused by its employee?

This question came up on another part of the Injuryboard site today, and I wanted to try and answer the question for others. In Texas, there are several situations where a company is liable for a…

Brooks Schuelke

John Chiles Saves Man's Life in Fiery Dallas Truck Crash

Readers of this blog may not know it, but I’m a huge University of Texas fan. I went to UT for undergrad and law school. My dad played baseball at UT, my mom went to UT, and my younger brother went…

Brooks Schuelke

Bigger Trucks On The Road

Trucking dangers continue. Yesterday I posted that many truck drivers are allowed to drive even after failing drug tests. And now, the trucking lobby is seeking permission to use larger…

Brooks Schuelke

Truck Drivers Continue Driving After Failed Drug Tests

In a report released this week, the General Accounting Office revealed that many of the nation’s truck drivers continue to drive even after failing drug tests. From a Dallas Morning News story on…

Brooks Schuelke

Texas Tractor-Trailers Fail The Test

Dallas police have apparently become fed up with the increase in trucking accidents. Last week, the Dallas police department conducted surprise inspections of tractor trailer rigs in the city….

Brooks Schuelke

Trucking Accident Report: Truckers Can Easily Cheat on Drug Tests(2)

The General Accounting Office has recently used undercover investigators to reveal how easy it is for truckers to cheat on drug tests. The report found that seventy-five percent of the drug testing locations didn’t maintain secure testing areas, allowing truckers to compromise the results of drug tests. In addition, the study found numerous online masking agents that they were able to use in…

Brooks Schuelke

An Unusual Trucking Accident?

It would seem to be unusual way for a trucking accident to occur, but a new story in the Indianapolis Star reports that six people have been killed on the nation’s highways this year by wheels that broke loose from semi trucks. The latest victim was a police officer that was helping another officer at a traffic stop. Particularly disconcerting is the fact that the truck driver didn’t even…