Austin, Texas


Lauren Cox

Building Austin, Building Injustice: Working Conditions in Austin’s Construction Industry

Every 2.5 days a construction worker dies in Texas, according to a recent study released by Workers Defense Project. The report Building Austin, Building Injustice: Working Conditions in…

Brooks Schuelke

Scaffold Collapse At Austin’s 21 Rio Condo Project Demonstrates The Need For Fall Safety Systems

KXAN is reporting that a scaffold collapsed at the construction site of the 21 Rio condos in Austin (near the UT campus). All three people on the scaffold were killed.
This incident is another…

Brooks Schuelke

Smithville Crane Accident Leads to Fatality

The regular readers of this blog know that July has been devoted to issues relating to worksite safety. Unfortunately, as the month comes to a close, workers in the Central Texas town of Smithville…

Brooks Schuelke

Austin Considering Regulations to Reduce Crane Accidents

In the wake of this month’s Houston crane collapse, the Austin American Statesman is reporting that Austin city council member Mike Martinez is asking the Austin City Council to draft an ordinance…

Brooks Schuelke

Prevent On The Job Injuries With Fall Protection Systems

As previously mentioned, the leading cause of death in construction work is falls from elevations. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the safety systems implemented to help prevent…

Brooks Schuelke

When It Comes To Construction , Watch Your Back (For Back Injuries, That Is)

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries on any construction site. Although work-related back injuries are typically nonfatal, the victim may continue to suffer long after the initial…

Brooks Schuelke

The Shocking Truth About Construction Electrocutions

Last month there was another construction injury at the site of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Just days after a crane collapsed at the site, an electrician died from electrocution while performing…

Brooks Schuelke

Trenching Tragedies Continue

Back in 2000, a construction site in Richmond, Texas made evening news casts across Texas after a construction trench collapsed and buried three men. Sadly, only one worker survived. The ground and…

Brooks Schuelke

Leading Causes Of Injuries In Construction

Last week, a construction worker at Texas A&M University was injured while on the job. The worker was rushed to a local hospital after the concrete slab he was working on fell. As a Longhorn, my…

Brooks Schuelke

Construction Site Safety: Preventing Falls

Recently, a construction worker at the State Department building in Washington D.C. fell 40 feet and landed on concrete. Somehow the worker was not seriously injured. Others are not so…