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Brooks Schuelke

Swimming Pool Safety

Yesterday, I noted the increased importance of boating safety as summer approaches. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t have some tips for swimming pool safety.Unfortunately, drowning accidents…

Brooks Schuelke

Personal Injury Lawyer Seeks Recusal of Supreme Court Judges in Wrongful Death Case, continued

We earlier posted about a personal injury lawyer that filed a motion to recuse four of our Texas Supreme Court Justices from hearing a wrongful death case. The motion, which alleged that the justices were biased in favor of defendants, was based in large part on a law review article by a UT professor that found the Court ruled in favor of defendants in 2004 and 2005 over 80% of the time. Not…

Brooks Schuelke

Lawyer Seeks Recusal of Judges in Wrongful Death Case

The plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit have sought the recusal of Texas Supreme Court justices Dale Wainwright, Scott Brister, Wallace Jefferson, and Nathan Hecht. A Motion to Recuse is a motion asking that a judge not hear a case, usually because the judge has some involvement or bias. This lawyer’s motion is based in large part on a study performed by University of Texas Law Professor David…