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Children's Wrongful Deaths Prompt Crib Recall

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Friday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of over a million baby cribs — the biggest recall of its kind — after three children died while using the cribs. But the real story may not be the recall, but an alleged delay in the recall.

The original reported death from the cribs occurred in April 2005. As the Chicago Tribune wrote:

But the company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission didn’t warn parents across the country about potentially fatal flaw in Simplicity cribs — not after Liam suffocated, not after more complaints about the crib rails and not after two more infants died.

Instead, the recall happened only after the Chicago Tribune started poking around and asking questions.

This is particularly disconcerting since many of the same cribs had been the subject of a February 2006 recall for different problems.

To learn more, you can check stories from CBS news, ABC news, and a post from Dallas personal injury lawyer Jeff Rasansky.

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