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CPSC Finally Helps With Dangerous Toys

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In the “better late than never” cateogory, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is finally acting on dangerous toys. I have often lamented on here that the CPSC has been letting the American public down with its lax oversight of imported products. But last week, the head of the CPSC finally stepped up to the plate. From the article:

“I will not tolerate this industry or any other not complying with our regulations,” said Nancy Nord, the acting chairwoman of CPSC. “This problem must be fixed.”

Nord, speaking at the annual American International Toy Fair, called on manufacturers to audit their factories. She also said that retailers must do more to assure that they don’t sell tainted toys.

“We will be relentless with recalls,” Nord said. “There is no reason why they can’t certify that every toy has been designed for safety.”

We only hope that this increased oversight can make a difference.

I also want to give kudos to a couple of retailers for stepping up their own standards. The article states that WalMart and Toys R Us (two of my least favorite stores) have set their own standards for toy safety that they intend to enforce over the coming months.