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Brooks Schuelke
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Hallelujah! Packaging to Improve

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It’s a Christmas or birthday ritual. Your child opens a gift, sees the toy he or she has been waiting for, and then a parent spends the next hour (or two) trying to extract the toy from the ridiculous plastic packaging. Thankfully, retailers are taking note. This year, many companies, such as Sony, Amazon.com, and Best Buy are rethinking the way they package their products to minimize this problem. After an election season where many families, offices, etc were divided, I think we can all agree that this is great news.

But why is it personal injury related and why am I posting it here? About 6,000 Americans each year visit emergency rooms with injuries caused by trying to pry, stab and cut open their purchases, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. So not only will this change mean more convenience, but also increased safety. And I think that’s good news for all of us.