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Pet Food Recall Touches Animal Owners in Austin

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Dog and cat owners around the country are worried with the massive pet food recall that is underway. The pet food may be responsible for kidney failure. It is hitting home in Austin as local veterinarians are fielding calls from worried pet owners.

Veterinarian, Lewis Hanks, suggests keeping a close eye on your pet, if it’s eaten any of the tainted food, and look for possible symptoms of kidney failure.

“Usually the first thing you’ll see is maybe — if it’s not real severe — is drinking more water and maybe urinating more,” said Hanks.

Animals may also suffer from vomiting — and become lethargic.

The recall affects more than 90 brands of dog and cat food. It includes canned and foil packet “cuts and gravy” style food. No dry food has been recalled. Menu Foods is the manufacturer of the foods and can be contacted for more information about the recall. Local stores have pulled the recalled food from their shelves.