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Pigs on Farms Testing Positive for Melamine

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The recent pet food recall involving melamine has spread to the Pig Farming industry. Less than 10 pig farms in the country have received shipments of tainted food. Pigs at those farms are testing positive for melamine in their urine. The FDA has asked the pig farms to hold onto the pigs until they can decide what to do with them.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has said fewer than 10 hog farms in six states received contaminated feed. The feed came from a Diamond Pet plant in Gaston, S.C., and contained a rice concentrate that has been recalled by its manufacturer in California.

Investigators found melamine in at least two imported Chinese vegetable proteins used to make pet foods. Pet food companies have recalled more than 100 brands of food since the first reports of animal deaths a little over a month ago.

It is unknown if pork from pigs that ate melamine would be contaminated. Over 100 brands of dog and cat food were recalled after being made with melamine tainted ingredients. It has been causing kidney failure in dogs and cats that have eaten it.