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HPV Vaccine Linked to Paralysis

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Earlier this year, the HPV vaccine was all over the news here in Austin and around the state as Governor Rick Perry attempted to unilaterally mandate that all school age girls receive the vaccine. Fortunately, after the legislature passed a law overturning the executive order, the Governor backed away from his plan.

Now, stories are coming out showing why it’s good to allow parents to make their own decisions about new vaccines. For instance, a news story from earlier in the week reported on a Florida girl who developed paralysis after taking the HPV vaccine. Although the data on this relatively new drug is not complete, there have been over 4,000 adverse reports of temporary blindness, blurry vision, convulsions, seizures and numbness in arms and legs that won’t go away.

Thanks to New York City personal injury lawyer Paul Napoli for the link.

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