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Austin Motorcycle Deaths Double

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This morning’s Austin American Statesman reported that the number of deaths in Austin motorcycle crashes more than doubled. From the article:

The deaths have become part of an alarming reality in Austin: The number of people killed in motorcycle crashes last year more than doubled from 2007, rising from eight to 18. Motorcycle deaths accounted for 31 percent of the city’s overall traffic fatalities in 2008, compared with 13 percent in 2007, according to police statistics.

Law enforcement officials said the increase appears to be following a national and statewide trend that they think is partially the result of more drivers finding cheaper transportation during last year’s gas price surge.

While state and national statistics are not yet available, anecdotal stories from officers around the state say that motorcycle deaths are increasing everywhere.

It is incumbent upon all of us, cyclists and non-cyclists, to try and make the roads a little safer for all. Injuryboard has compiled some very good resources on motorcycle safety that everyone should read.