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Will the Texas Legislature Really Approve Lane Splitting?

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Before reading this blog post, watch a portion of the video below.

Did you watch it? If you did, thanks for listening. If you haven’t, really go back and watch a few seconds.

The video is a good example of lane splitting, motorcycles driving between lanes of traffic. Doesn’t seem very smart or safe to me, but yesterday the Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 506, which would make some lane splitting legal in Texas.

Your question is problem the same as mine? Why do we need that? Well, supporters of the bill suggest that allowing lane splitting will help improve traffic. As the motorcycles move up, it vacates spots in traffic for cars and trucks. Now I try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but that sounds ridiculous to me. I’m not sure what kind of traffic the supporters sit in, but when I’m in traffic, it’s because there are too many cars and trucks, not because there are too many motorcycles. Now maybe if they voted to allow lane splitting for semis it would improve traffic, but motorcycles just aren’t much of a problem.

Instead, this seems stupidly dangerous for all involved. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time changing lanes during rush hour traffic — trying to find an opening or trying to make eye contact with the driver next to me so they’ll let me in — I don’t need the extra difficulty of watching out for some idiot speeding up behind me on a motorcycle. And then imagine all the cars that move close together to try and cut off the motorcyclists. I just don’t see how this is going to go well.

If you’re interested in more, Fox 7 had a nice story last night, and I suggest you watch it.