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John Chiles Saves Man's Life in Fiery Dallas Truck Crash

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Readers of this blog may not know it, but I’m a huge University of Texas fan. I went to UT for undergrad and law school. My dad played baseball at UT, my mom went to UT, and my younger brother went to UT. I have two kids who both knew the Eyes of Texas and Texas Fight by the time they were two.

Anyway, I was amazed when reading in the Austin American Statesman that John Chiles, the father of back-up University of Texas quarterback John Chiles, pulled a man out of an overturned 18-wheeler Sunday shortly before the tanker, which was carrying unleaded gasoline, exploded. You can watch a news story on the fire, including an interview with John Chiles, here.

I think the act was particularly heroic given the increasing number of stories where bystanders watch as people get run over or beat on a subway . It’s nice to finally hear about someone doing the right thing.