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Another Crane Accident

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Earlier this month, a crane collapsed in New York City, and now, less than two weeks later, another crane accident has occurred in Miami. The NYC collapse was an existing crane, but in Miami, the crane fell during installation at the construction site of a 40 story apartment building. The crane fell into a house being used by the construction company as an office. Two workers were killed, and others suffered severe injuries.

These tragic situations are accompanied by difficult legal questions. In most worksite injury cases, there is an argument about who caused the incident. The investigation into the causation of the incident is often very complicated. But there are also legal battles to be fought. If the injured person was a worker at the site, are they covered by worker’s compensation insurance, either through their employer or through one of the other employers on the site?

Given the complex nature of these cases, I may try to do a series of posts, time permitting, that provide some basic information on these claims.